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pumping problems

Who we are...

We have decades of experience in producing and applying the most innovative designs. A.P.E.I continues to provide problem solving pump technology for customers in virtually every market segment.

From the most complete array of seal-less magnetic (mag-drive) pumps, to the most aggressive abrasive slurries, to the most sheer-sensitive applications, A.P.E.I offers the latest, most innovative pump designs.

A.P.E.I pumps are engineered to perform reliably under the arduous conditions where ordinary pumps fail. A.P.E.I is the "fitting piece" to all your problems.



APEI's Tech-Mag comprehensive range of seal-less magnetic (mag-drive) pumps feature the latest technology, as well as the previous generation Caster Pumps. The updated Tech-Mag designs and previous Caster Pump models have excelled in highly Demanding applications. Critical spare parts are available for both designs. Thousands of Tech-Mag and Caster Division pumps are currently in service worldwide, providing trouble-free service in a broad range of industries.


Tech-Mag seal-less mag-drive pump designs, with over 200 basic models, are updated from earlier Caster Pump Division units. MCA, MCH, MC-SP, MTA,  MT, MT-SP, MPA, and MP. These include the CA allowing centrifugal ISO-2858, API-685, ANSI-B73.1, TA alloy turbine, CPA alloy vane, MCL lined centrifugal, MTP non-metallic turbine, and CPP non-metallic vane. Tech-Mag allows for a simple transition from earlier Caster Pump designs to our new latest designs.



Serving our customers with the best care in the industrial equipment market today. 



To construct the most efficient product for each individual's needs.


To help and be on hand at anytime for whatever problems may occur. 

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